TR 1000

Safe – Dignified – Comfortable – Efficient Showering at its best

The TR 1000 Battery operated shower chair is height adjustable and can be tilted backward and forward for easy and efficient transfers and showering.

The TR 1000 height adjustable shower chair is a great solution to minimize static load and offers a safe and ergonomic working environment for caregivers. The full power feature of the TR1000 allows the caregiver to use the hand control to adjust the height and tilting of the chair so that they can best position the resident to care for their individual needs. This provides a safe patient handling environment for both the resident and the caregiver. The chair can be tilted and adjusted to shower the residents hair, and then adjusted to shower the feet. The TR1000 offers a dignified work situation for the caregiver while a resident is comfortably positioned in the efficient and easily accessible height adjustable shower chair.

The resident will experience a relaxing and dignified showering experience while seated in the TR 1000 and reclined to a suitable position for comfort and care. Being able to interact with the caregiver during the complete process increases the sense of a dignified
experience and increased mobility.

The TR 1000 is designed to offer a safe experience for the resident thanks to stability, easy access during transfer and showering, in addition to smooth height adjustments and
reclining. The armrests are shaped for the resident to feel secure when sitting in the chair and the headrest offers support when reclining.

Besides showering the TR 1000 can also be used for other tasks such as transportation, toileting and pedicure.