About AIS Healthcare

AIS Australian Instrument Services Pty Ltd was established in 1981 by its current director, Mr John McGuinness. The company was initially set up with the sole purpose of providing quality service to the scientific industry and has complemented this with a unique range of quality products. With the expansion over the years, AIS group of companies has been developed with 3 divisions: AIS Australian Instrument Services Pty Ltd, AIS Healthcare Pty Ltd and Haycomp Pty Ltd that operate with its dedicated market and function.

AIS Australian Instrument Services Pty Ltd has been in business for over 34 Years providing a range of quality and good valued scientific and laboratory equipment including Motic Microscopes and Digital Imaging solution, A&D range of Weighing Equipment, Labtech temperature enclosures, Kubota Centrifuges, VITL sample handling products and Accumax liquid handling products. AIS extends its expertise from sales to instrument services with AIS Service specialised in providing instrument service and calibration service for different laboratory and scientific equipment.

AIS Healthcare Pty Ltd is a division under the AIS group of companies, specialising in the sale of a range of high quality products including the Haycomp Patient Lifters, A&D Patient and personal weighing products, TR Patient hygiene, Oxford EME general hospital furniture to the healthcare, aged care and hospital market in Australia.

Haycomp Pty Ltd designs and manufactures Patient Lifter and Eagle Passenger Lifter for aircraft and became part of the AIS group of companies in 2010. Based in Adelaide, Australia, Haycomp has benefited from research, engineering and sub-contracting with its strategic location for manufacturing. Haycomp have earned a good reputation for its quality and good value in the healthcare, aged care and hospital market. Haycomp is also the exclusive developer and manufacturer of the patented Eagle Passenger Lifter for use in the aircraft which is expanding fast in the international market.