TR 1700

TR Height Adjustable Patient Hygiene Bath TR 1700

The TR 1700 Height Adjustable Patient Hygiene Bath is a functional and adjustable bathtub designed for small space.

Optimal Size

The TR 1700 is optimized to suit small space without sacrificing function, efficiency and comfort. It is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and private homes with limited space and require a fully functioning bathtub.

Height Adjustment

The bathtub can be safely and easily raised and lowered by a hand control, providing an ergonomic working height for the attendant, reducing the risk of heaving lifting and bending, fatigue and risk of back injury.


The factory mounted thermostat regulates both the bathtub filling and shower water temperature.

Hygienic Emptying

A pop-up drainage closes and opens by turning the overflow valve. No hands need to be in water.

Adjustable Feet

Adjustable feet increases safety and comfort when there are uneven floor surfaces.

Efficient Bathing

Clearance below the tub allows the use of the TR 9650 Bath Lift System or other patient lift, mobile or ceiling hoist systems, providing safe moving and handling for both patient and attendant.

12 Months Warranty


 TR 1700
Length1685 mm
Width695 mm
Height660-960 mm
Working Load Limit150 kg
ControlHand control for height adjustments
Power Supply230V 50 Hz