Shower Commode Chair

The Oxford Shower Commode Chair combines a maneuverable and stable construction with a durable stainless steel.

Designed and built to rigorous Australian Standards, the Shower Commode Chair features a drop arm, washable surfaces, soft padded seat, PVC backrest and 12.5mm diameter stainless steel and reinforced nylon castors.

The Commode Shower Chair is designed with flexibility, user comfort and safety consideration.

The forward location of the front wheels ensures stability even when the user leans forwards. The commode chair is stable when the user stands on the forward located foot plate.

  • 120 kg capacity
  • Soft padded seat (open or closed front)
  • Drop arm
  • Pan holder
  • Sliding footrest with extra grip surface
  • Australian made

2 Year Warranty (Stainless Steel frame)

Seat TypeOpen FrontClosed Front
Seat Depth70 cm
Width65 cm
Height110 cm
Weight18 kg
Padded Seat43 x 43 x 5.5 cm (WxDxH))
Castors12.5 cm (H) Front Locking
SWL120 kg