Jumbuck 240

The Haycomp Jumbuck 240 is a higher capacity multi-purpose patient lifter, designed for nursing homes, hospitals or bariatric patient care. It is designed to handle a maximum capacity of 240kg with electric lifting and leg opening control. The rechargeable battery and separate charger are supplied as standard.

The Haycomp Jumbuck 240 is compatible with a comprehensive range of accessories such as the tilting cradle or yoke bar to suit various transfer needs. The power tilt cradle is also available to reduce manual handling, risk of injuries and assists with correct positioning of patient. The optional scale is available for weight measurement.

Optional accessories

  • Weigh scale attachment for weighing accurately and easily (factory fitted – must be ordered with lifter)
  • Rehab walking attachments which include a walking hanger bar, walking handles and the Walking Sling

A variety of sling options are available (dependent on attachment).

Haycomp patient lifters are proudly made in Australia.

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2 Year Warranty

 Jumbuck 240
Electric Bariatric Lifter
Capacity240 kg
Leg OpeningElectric Control
Base Height (inc castor)150 mm
Base Width750 mm
Base Length1300 mm
Leg Width (Closed)580 mm
Leg Width (Open)1200 mm
Unit Height1660 mm
LIfter Mass60 kg
Castor Size100 mm
Accessory Code
Cradle AttachmentHC07-07000 (240 kg Capacity)
Power Tilt CradleHC30-10000 (300 kg Capacity)
Yoke AttachmentHC07-08000 (240 kg Capacity)
Stretcher Frame AttachmentHC07-09000
Weigh Scale (Fitted to lifter)HC30-1400
Walking Aids
Walking HandlesHC07-1600
Walking Hanger BarHC07-1500