TR Height Adjustable Patient Hygiene Bath TR 900CWA

The TR Height Adjustable Patient Hygiene Bath TR 900CWA is an integrated bathtub with a hand control. The bathtub has a soft and smooth design for easy clean and maintenance. The control panel is functional and easy to operate. The key hole shaped bathtub and extra width at the head of the bath provides additional space for arms and shoulders and is an advantage when shampooing.


Shower and cleaning hoses are clearly colour marked and out of reach for resident for a safety reason. Separate cleaning system located at the side and rear of the bathtub, hidden and activated with a safety ON/OFF key.


The whirlpool function allows regulation of both the jet direction and quantity of air. The relaxing whirlpool effect stimulates circulation and assists with washing the patient.


The one touch unattended Autofill water system makes the bathing cycle more efficient and minimizes heat losses by allowing the pre-filling of bathtub. Temperature is set with the thermostatic mixing valve. If required, additional water can be added when the pre-set Autofill level is reached.


Clear digital LED thermometer showing of shower and filling water flows.


The bathtub is made of double fiberglass and durable materials which minimize water heat loss and extends the product lifetime.

Efficient Bathing Cycle

Suitable to use with the TR 9650 Bath Lift System or other patient lift, mobile or ceiling hoist systems, providing safe moving and handling for both patient and attendant.

12 Months Warranty

 TR 900CWA
Length2325 mm
Width830 mm
Working Load Limit150 kg
Operating Height Range600 - 1000 mm
Power Supply230V 50Hz